Visawa resort spans over 12 and half acres near the beautiful landscapes of Saralgaon, which is very near to Sahayadri mountain

 range, and overseeing the long mountains, Clear skies, clean weather, lush greenery, a perfect country side experience, Silent 

River along side..

It's a pleasure trip to be experienced personally!!!

Flabbergasting Ambience, mouth-watering delicacies & BIG swimming pool to beat the heat and chill in blue waters and watch the

 sky. Visawa is a prefect ideal place forfamilies who prefer to vent their daily stress from the pollution, work, traffic and

 wired daily lives. Visawa resort stands different than the conventional places around for it's down to earth ambience, very friendly

 people and environment that's refreshing & worth experiencing.

Rooms and Accommodation

At Visawa your holidays turn to be most memorable, Our comfortable, well lit, naturally ventilated rooms come with splendid

 views. we have spacious and cozy rooms with diverse choices.At Visawa your holidays turn to be most memorable,

 Our comfortable, well lit, naturally ventilated rooms come with splendid views. we have spacious and cozy rooms with diverse



Well furnished, self contained cottages surrounded by lovely flowers & lawns and welcoming window side views which you sill

 cherish throughout.We supply hot water, so that you can warm your self at chilly evenings or soak under running shower.

 Some of our cottages are 6 walled to give you a unique experience.The bathrooms are designed spaciously with fantastic

 ventilation and natural lights to give you complete freshness around.


When it comes to bigger families or larger group of friends or any office/corporate guests, our large size dormitory can fit

 ALL, with the SAME amenities plus a larger space and not to mention you under one roof, nothing can beat the

 enjoyment and fun.


Welcome aboard! stay in one of our finest self contained air conditioned suits in  the most secluded environment. We have

 specially handpicked

Facilities @ Visawa 

Experience Elegant Accommodation, Impeccable service, a Well-Planned itinerary and a refreshing gourmet await you here.

 An inviting ROSE garden, which is cultivated by none other then Dr. Vikas Mhaskar himself. His hobby, has won him a

 legacy of 'King' and 'Queen' roses in almost ALL competitions.

Fine Dining

From breakfast unto Lunch followed by Dinner, we all have grown eating just meals. Here we have redefined an experience of

 dining under an artistic and huge dining location amidst serene greenery

Rose Garden

Roses, every girls dear friend and our very own Chacha Nehru have been enchanted by the glory of the national flower. Visawa

 has a huge master collection of roses. a must...

Swimming Pool

A dip in an big, clean and inviting swimming pool on a sunny afternoon or rainy morning and even a mesmarising moon light

 swim with your loved ones or family together, can take you to memory lanes and make it the most romantic of your stay.

Artificial rain & Waterfall

You do not have to visit far off places to experience natural free fall water or a natural rain experience right in the middle of

 April or May!!! yes, we have it all. Enjoy with music and food!

Children's Hub / Indoor Complex

Children perhaps form the most important ingredient of a fun galore picnic. Almost every where in the property, we have

 strategic play areas and fantastic collection of swings, see-saws, indoor games to keep them engaged!