Address-: Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway,Near Virar Phata, Shirsad 

Nature's timeless bounty stands witness to man's fleeting existence on Earth. It is the fortunate few who realise its presence and

 take some time off to appropriate its many wonders. At KT Hill Resort nature is in a constant state   of celebration. Nature is

 a catharsis for all the stress that surrounds you in city life set at the bottom of hills covered   with dense forests. The resort is an

 ideal place to be at with your loved ones friends and even colleagues. So   come to KT Hill Resort and experience a journey into the

 heart of Nature.

Swimming Pool

The resort has three swimming pools. One is a children's pool with colourful children's slides, the second is a regular pool for

 adults and the third is India's first wave pool. Thechildren's slide pool is popular with kids who love to slidedown the

 colourful slides  and splash into the cool waters. If you are a swimming freak    you can head for the regularpool for your daily

 workout. But for complete wholesome family fun, nothing compares to  the wave pool. It is a delightful sight to watch the children

  scamper across the waves while the elders lie at the edge for a  more relaxed time.


The resort offers 33 luxurious air-conditioned rooms for its esteemed guests. To complement the serene surroundings the rooms

 are tastefully decorated with authentic Gujarati style  furniture and the walls adorned with traditional paintings from Warli art.

 The rooms also provide telephone with  ISD/STD facilities and TV with cable connection. In  addition, a spacious bathroom with a

 bathtub and 24  hours hot and cold water makes your stay a comfortable      and memorable experience. A further attractive

 feature    of the rooms is the picturesque view of lush, green hills full of natural splendor. Add to this a 24-hour room service

 and you have gifted yourself and your  family a perfect holiday.



It is but natural that the proximity to Nature also works up a healthy appetite. This can be satisfied at the Utsav, the resort's air-

conditioned restaurant that offers a delectable cuisine of Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes. For those who prefer evening

 drink sessionthere is "Dhummas", the permit bar. At certain intervals, the resort also celebratesfood festivals that are a must for

 one and all.Italian, Mexican and Chinese find absoluteharmony with Konkani, Malwani and Marathi.

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