When you think "Homely", think "Rustic", think "Cosy", think "Charming", think TAPOVAN! A Small,Extremely

 Comfortable, Very Cosy Place for the weekend. Tapovan Makes No Claims to Competewith Modern Exotic Resorts. It has all

 the Conveniences & Amenities for a Comfortable Stay but more Importantly, It has "The Warmth of A Home". In Fact it is Because

 of All of the above and more, that You'dWant to Go Back to it Again and Again. It's Quiet Unassuming Character, Homeliness and

 Very VeryCharming People Who Serve you and Take Good Care of You, Beckon You Every Time You Think 

" Weekend Near Mumbai".!!

Without Being Obtrusive or Intrusive, Tapovan is a Place Where You Can Truly Unwind, Eat to Your Heart'sContent, Recharge

 Your Energies & Feel Refreshed & Alive when you Get Back to Mumbai. In Fact it is anIdeal Gift to Give Your Friends or Family or

 Spouse - Just Present Them A Weekend at this Retreat and Seethem all smiles when they get back!




Tapovan has very spacious rooms

Tapovan has very spacious rooms with attached baths, clean beds, clean with running water (hot and cold),and a dish TV in each

 room.The capacity is for 2 A/C Deluxe Rooms, 6 A/C Regular Rooms and 1 non A/CFamily Room. With high ceilings, wooden

 beams and coat stands, a little sit-out for the rooms, with widewindow ledges and chairs and tables to have your own soirees, its a

 throw back to the colonial days, whereleisure meant pleasure!

Tapovan Has Delicious Food

Tapovan has a spacious open Dining Area for Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner. Veg/ Non.Veg meals and snacks areserved from Seprate

 Kitchens. After the scrumptious meals, right from breakfast to dinner, one could settledown to a game of rummy, badminton or go

 for long walks or just snooze!The lawn in the front has enoughspace for a good game of badminton or table tennis or carrom - or

 just hire a bicycle from the local shops andpedal away to see the sights and sounds of Bordi!


On Request