TigerTrails – The Lodge

The TigerTrails Jungle Lodge is ringed on three sides by the Tadoba Andhari Tiger  Reserve forest and is adjacent to the

 Khutwanda gate, an exclusive entry point into Tadoba. To the east is Ambegadh Hills and Khatoda meadows, to the west is the

 valley of Katezari and south is the Irai lake, approx. 20 kms in length, forms the southwestern boundary of the Tiger Reserve.The

 Lodge forest has numerous waterholes, which have observation machans overlooking them, provided to guests for undisturbed

 wildlife viewing. Since the forest starts from a few feet away, Tiger calls come creeping close. 


 is a wild get-away, deep inside tiger country, where only a stripped shadow will prowl outside your window.  In the adjoining

 Tadoba Tiger Reserve forest containing parts of Tadoba and Mohurli range, the lodge initiated wildlife protection and

 conservation activities among the tribals and has shown remarkable results.  From 2 tigers being sighted 30years ago; today more

 than 20 tiger sightings occur everyday in this patch of forest.  This is primarily due to stabilization in the prey and carnivore

 population.  The TigerTrails Estate Forest provides a corridor for wildlife to move from the Khatoda meadows to Katezari valley

 and back.  Below attached shows a photo of a Tigress F4 coming for a drink to the Tiger Trails Estate Waterhole with the

 cottage room lights reflecting in the water, taken in May 2012.  The area is untouched by any kind of tourism or development

 and offers the discerning guest the guarantee of privacy, as well as lovely walks and hiking trails around the lodge. While most

 parks have a reputation of being over crowded with lodges, we have no neighboring lodges or highways


Rooms with view of nature and wildlife:  The main water source at Chichghat is the Tadoba rivulet, which cascades down the rocky

 hills to the north of the valley, flows through the camp and onwards to the Irai lake.  The Camp nestles in the forest along the

 winding banks of the Tadoba rivulet overlooking several waterholes and grasslands which are teeming with birdlife and wildlife.

  One can also view Honey Badgers, Sloth Bears, Porcupines, Civet cats and a host of other nocturnal mammals from the rooms

 overlooking the grasslands.  All rooms have views of these grasslands and waterholes and have en-suit bathrooms with hot and

 cold running water and flushing toilets.  All bedrooms have air conditioners and 100 percent power back up for the erratic electric

 supply. The lodge is a rustic yet deluxe experience. 

Facilities & Guest Activities

Guests activities include Birding, trekking, machan sit-ups, and tiger tracking on foot along with an opportunity to take POP casts

 of pugmarks. Bar-b-ques and camp fires are arranged in the lodge courtyard, where, guests can sit around, and listen to

 animal calls till late in the night. Since the forest starts from a few feet away, Tiger calls comecreeping close.Enjoy a classic safari

 ‘sundowner’ cocktails or breakfast in the bush. Traditional ‘Gond Adiwasi (Local Tribals) dinner’ with campfire Gond folk

 dance, Bhajan and Kirtan, celebrating the arrival of the harvest season.  Game drives daily, with professional, dedicated wilderness

 guides. Leave your vehicle behind and take a walking safari with one of our experienced trackers  for the true thrill of the Indian

 Jungle. Down on the same level as the animals you will experience the untamed beauty of the Tadoba Forest. Our walkingsafaris

 take place in the TigerTrails Estate adjacent to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.   Just outside the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

 is a traditional tribal community called Gonds. There is a traditional Gond homestead which consists of traditional houses

 surrounding a cattle enclosure. We encourage clients to visit the Gond Village of Khutwanda if they are interested in tribal culture

 and would like to experience a way of life unchanged for centuries.   Also available are Jeep safaris, Walking Safaris, Elephant

 Safaris, Boat & Canoe trips, Bike tours and Cookery classes.

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