Mahua Vann, is the top rated property in Pench  for last three years and the only one with Certificate of Excellence for 2012 and

 2013. More than 90 % of our visitors’ reviews rate their experience at Mahua Vann as Excellent/Very Good and Mahua Vann

 delivers an Experience of deep connect with Nature to its guests.In operation since 2008, Mahua Vann stands true to its name as a

 property created inside a forest with more than 300 large trees spread over 11 acres. Mahua Vann is surrounded by seasonal

 streams on two sides and a pond, blessing its cottages with a view of water bodies pleasing to the senses. Out of 20 cottages, 12 are

 designed to give the guests a sense of privacy, while 8 cottages are in cluster, allowing visiting groups an opportunity to bond with

 each other.

Mahua Vann is an Eco- Sensitive resort 

 it gives travellers all the comforts, it encourages its guests to soak the experience of nature, silence , abundance of fresh air and just

 a sense of being in serene surroundings. There is plenty of birdlife and forest around, with tiny villages in its vicinity. The

 Naturalists at the resort are very open to give the guests a walking tour interpreting the habitat.

 The chef at the resort

 is sensitive to the food needs and we urge the guests to interact with the staff about their eating preferences keeping in mind the

 constraints that a jungle destination may have.In addition to the cottages, the resort has a swimming pool, a conference room,

 a comfortable lounge and library, well spread restaurant and plenty of sit out spots in nature, which really enhance your

 experience of connecting with nature, connecting with yourself What you see is what you get, feel free to explore the video for

 Mahua Vann Experience and other videos and site to complete your information base beforeyou head out to Mahua Vann.

Tariff-: On Request