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Address-: Surya Shibir,Gat no. 101,Saiv - Budruk,Taluka - Welha,Dist. - Pune,near 

Panshet dam,Sinhagad - Panshet road.

The great outdoors have always fascinated Neelkanth Bhide, the founder of Surya Shibir. An electrical engineer by profession, Shri

 Bhide - who is fondly called Anna - has a deep-rooted liking for nature. Concerned about the effects of the stressful city

 life on children's health, he took the initiative and started the camp site in 1997. For thirteen years now, Surya Shibir has been the

 favourite destination for children's camps. It is a safe and well-maintained place where children learn about the importance of

 nature conservation. They also get an opportunity to play, explore the wilderness and indulge in adventure activities. Though

 Surya Shibir opened its gates originally as a nature camp for children, today it has developed into a sprawling Resort with superb

 amenities. Apart from being the premier camp site near Pune, it is also a popular getaway for families and an emerging venue

 for corporate events. Surya Shibir is an eco-friendly resort nestled deeply in the Sahyadri Valley, just 50 km from Pune. It offers a

 breathtaking panorama of the Varasgaon Dam backwaters and rolling green hills.

Surya Shibir is situated in lush greenery of a foothill. It has a large and varied bird population not easily seen in the cities. The area

 surrounding the resort is a vibrant natural habitat where you can spot wild boar, hyena, fox, dear, sambar, rabbit, porcupine, wild

 cat, mongoose and ghorpad. Bird species like bulbul, drongo, golden oriol, superteen eagle, marsh harison can also be seen. The

 place is thick with vegetation including jambhul, karvandajali, amla, hirda, behada, khair, arjun, bahava, shalmali, kanchan,

 aain, bamboo and mango, among other trees. With such biodiversity, Surya Shibir truly takes you to the heart of nature and

 adventure. Relax in the serenity of the lush landscape. Delight in the sights and sounds of nature. Experience our gracious

 hospitality, enjoying quality food and recreation.


Sinhagad - 30 to 40 km (Sinhagad has been the site of many important battles, most notably the battle of Sinhagad in

 1670.)Neelkantheshwar - 15 km (Neelkantheshwar is a huge temple of Lord Shiva with hundreds of hindu mythological

 sculptures.)Panshet - 10 km (Panshet Dam, also called Tanajisagar Dam, is a dam on the Ambi river about

 50 km southwest of Pune.)Lavasa - 20 km (A city planned on the principles of 'New Urbanism')Ancient temple of Goddess at

 Admal - 12 km (A temple of Godess exists since ancient times in the village named Admal.)