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Address-: Bhide Baug, Sinhagad Road, Wadgaon-Budruk, Pune 411 041.Maharashtra, India.




popularly known as Abhiruchi Village, is located about 5 kms. away from City of Pune. Spread over 35 acres of land, Abhiruchi

 provides a perfect family getaway for those who want refreshing holidays, away from their routine work. At Abhiruchi, you will

 find typical Maharashtrian Village style and natural environment. Abhiruchi specializes itself in Maharashtrian Food. 


There are lot of things to entertain you. You can roam around on the farm and look at the crops we grow, relax in hammocks at our

 mango and guava groves or just sit listening to music of  birds, in cottages built on trees. You can take a dip in a

 swimming pool and relax your muscles. There are camel, horse and  bullock cart rides to entertain you. The major attraction is a

 Mini-train ride on the farm. You can have a look at skills of Carpenter, 


Blacksmith and Potter.  You can also take away the crafts created by them.If you are staying abroad, then what about an idea of

 arranging a get-together of your family here when you come to Pune !! Just relax in special cottages here and refresh 

the old memories with you near and dear ones.......Come.. Join Us !! and we guarantee you that you will take away back Sweet

 Memories !!!!!