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Address : At post/Tal-Ramtek Dist-Nagpur. 

Ramtek gets its name from Lord Rama who, with Sita and Laxmana, is said to have rested here.The taluka, which is situated along

 the north and north-eastern areas of Nagpur District, covering anarea of 1129 sq. miles, is famous for its Ram Mandir and the

 Kalidas memorial to the celebratedplaywright, which grace the top of a hill.Fascinating aspect to the place is that the stones of the

 hill, when newly fractured, take on a bloodred colour in sunlight, apparently reflecting the blood of the demon Hiranyya Kashapu

 when he wasslain by Lord Vishnu in the avatar of Narsimha. Legend has it that, after his victory.Lord Vishnuthrew his cudgel

 down with such force that it made a crater which now forms the Ambala tank atthe foot of the hill. Around the tank are a number

 of temples, including two to Narsimha as well as anumber of Jain ones. A trip to Ramtek, especially during the Ramnavami

 festival, will prove auniquely fascinating journey, where history, geography, and spirituality blend seamlessly to providean

 unforgettable travel experience.