Woodlands Hotel Matheran **

Address-: Chinoy Road, Matheran, Maharashtra, India

About Woodland Hotel

Our Woodlands Hotel in the heart of the woodlands of Matheran has become a favoriteresort for many of our visitors. It is one of the

 hotels of Matheran dot the wooded slopes,sample of one of India's most charming colonial-style hotel. It has a peaceful

 homelyatmosphere and is only a ten minutes walk from the railway station and 20 minutes from the taxi stand.


The hotel is formerly a bungalow that has clean and comfortable rooms.The area of the rooms varies from room to room. Some of the

 rooms having with three tofive beds and all have attached bath with 24 hours water supply. Hot water is supplied by order only in the

 morning. Rooms have been deliberately furnished in a way, which help to maintain the rustic atmosphere of the hotel. Air coolers are

 also provided. 'A' category rooms and Cottages also having colour T.Vs. Woodlands Hotel is providing comfortable accommodation at



The food is simple, but tasty. The tariff includes food i.e.breakfast, lunch, dinner and two teas unless  otherwise specified. Meals include

 2-3vegetarian dishes, rice, dal, chapatties, papad, salad and pickle.

All these are on an Eco - friendly and pollution free atmosphere.

(Except for the smoke rings from your cigars).

The hotel has some game facilities that include carom, table tennis and badminton as wells a play ground for children. The hotel is also

 conveniently placed within walkingdistance from the bazaar, taxi stand and some of the main points. It has also a generatorfor

 uninterrupted power supply In case of electricity failure.Guests are advised to carry atorch, some form of mosquito repellent and light

 woollens. During the months of June toSeptember rain gear should Also be carried. Matheran is very shady. The visitor can go out at

 anytime of the day, the chief attraction of Matheran is that it offers long and quiet walksas no cars are allowed on this hill station.

Passengers alighting at the Taxi stand areadvised to take a coolie (approx. Rs.50/-) and proceed to the hotel via the Railway line.