“DOCTOR’S FARM” is situated on the banks of the river KUNDALIKA and is about 15 acres (Roughly  

 6,50,000  sq ft.) ,  in extent.  Almost 1500  feet  of  the  land  abuts the  river.  The panoramic view of the river

 extends to about 7 kms.  Situated as it is, between the BHIRA DAM and the KOLAD DAM , the waters of the

 KUNDALIKA,are very tranquil and Peaceful.  “DOCTOR’S FARM” being  ensconced  between thickly

  forested hills all around,  can thus qualify to be a Nature lover’s Paradise. It is certainly not  a  place of

 luxury. It is basically a farmhouse,  and  should  not  be  misconstrued  as  a  resort.  Basic  amenities are

 certainly provided, but no luxuries can be expected.




“DOCTOR’S FARM” being situated in a sparsely populated area,devoid of Industrialisation and unscrupulous

 Commercialisation  has  the added  advantage  of  literally being in The lap of nature. The wide variety of 

 birds  and animals enriching the farm, by their presence, is  nothing  short  of  amazing  - That  too,  a

  mere  2 ½  hour’s  drive  from  one  of the most polluted cities of the world i.e. Mumbai. The birds sighted at

  the  farm and its environs are Fish Kite ,  Vulture,  Owl, Kingfisher,  Peacock ,  Hornbill ,  Woodpecker ,  Bee-

Eater,  Drongo, Bulbul, Hawk, Egrets, Parrots, Mynahs, Wild Fowl, Wild Ducks, Tailor Birds, Weaver Birds, 

 Bats, Scissor Tails,  apart  from,  of  course,  Crows and Ravens.  Amazingly,  migratory ducks from Central

 Asia, choose to make the Kundalika their abode between the months of November and March. 

“DOCTOR’S FARM”  can  also  boast  of  a  varied  variety  of animals visiting the farm. Wild Boar, Hare

 Barking Deer and  Mongoose  are  very  frequently sighted.  Fox, Panther, Hyena and even Tiger, have been

 rarely  sighted.  Although s nakes  and  scorpions abound, they rarely interact with humans, if left to



“DOCTOR’S FARM”  is situated off KOLAD,  on the Mumbai-Goa  highway.  It is  about  115 kms from

 Chembur, about  75 kms  from  Panvel S.T. Stand,  about 100 kms from Thane and about 100 kms from

 Mulshi  in Pune.  A  detailed  map giving  you  it’s  exact  distance from Mumbai, is  attached  herewith. The 

 approximate  time  taken  to  travel from  Mumbai to Kolad by road would be around 2 ½ hours.


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