Hidden Village is a four acre living landscape. Its good for people to take a break and go to a place for

 tranquility.  The village has fresh springs that ooze water whole year.It is living deep in woods.The village is

 raw and basic.It is refreshing for those aching for a revisit to the past of sepia days.Hidden Village is not a

 regular resort. It has activities. It’s a place of nature, where the denizen, native flora and fauna are not disturbed and thrive.


Distance :  It’s a 1 hr drive from Thane Ghodbunder junction & 1.5 hrs from Mumbai.    


Good for  : 

Those nostalgic for living a day or two in "mulook" "gaon" or native place.       

Ambience :  

Village is truely rustic and rural i.e. sounds, textures, visuals, terrrain and smells.           

Rooms  : 

Patil's house, Crest House, Exotic House, Hill House ,Tribal house and Camp House.  


   These are equipped with 24 hot water, DTH TV, Fridge and exclusive courtyard. 

 Swimming :  

Rock pond in perennial stream and a larger fresh water pond.  

            Play Zone : 

 Equipped with Pool table, Table Tennis, darts, Carrom's and Chess.   

 Lake : 

 An idyllic picturesque lake ten minutes walk in our back hills.     

            Trek  :

Up on the hills behind (1 hour) and see Tansa lake 8 km away, nexcellent view .   


            Meals  :  

Meals are cooked by native cook like they cook at homes, again fresh simple and    basic.