Amrutes' Nisarga Sahavas

Address-: Nisarga Sahavas at Gavhe,Taluka Dapoli,District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415712

..........a unique agro rural tourism project

5 kms away from Dapoli, Ratnagiri      


Agro tourism is the natural offspring of the strong commitment Amrute family has for eco-friendly way of life. Those who desire

 peaceful stay, serenity and relaxation prefer this location for spending their holidays or weekends.Dapoli is gaining popularity as a

 tourist’s place at a galloping pace. Within four to five hours drive from Mumbai or Pune this place has a lot of things to attract the

 tourists. Lush green hills, clear sky, unpolluted beaches and environment, famous Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, historical places and

 temples are a few things to mention.Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas is a project one loves to visit while in or around Dapoli. 

Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas comprises of Agro related activities with a strong base of hospitality and Eco-friendly way of

 life.Amrutes’ Ashika Rosery is a plant Nursery established in 1978.Here healthy nursery plants of various types are displayed and

 made available. These include fruit plants, spices, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, indoor and outdoor ornamental plants,

 commercial flowering plants like champa, shrubs, creepers and ground covers, plants for agro and social forestry etc. The plants

 are produced from high quality mother plants of known origin, following scientific propagation techniques. Plants go through 

strict pre-delivery inspection before delivery.While at a Nisarga Sahavas you will get valuable suggestions and guidance regarding

 growing plants. Most of these tips come from deep study and keen observation.Amrutes’ Ashish Food Products is another activity

 at Nisarga Sahavas. Mango, cashew, Kokum, karonda and jackfruit are the fruits available all over Konkan in abundance. At

 Ashish Food Products high quality durable products like pulp, syrups, squashes and candies are available. These products are

 produced from good quality fruits in clean atmosphere and under hygienic conditions. Besides, products made from Ginger,

 Lime and Amla are also produced here.Here at Nisarg Sahavas, seminars and workshops are arranged on subjects like Nursery

 Techniques, Identification of Plants, Fruit Orchard Development, Solid Waste Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Water Shade

 Development, Natural Farming, Fruit Preservation etc. During these workshops learners get basic insights into the concerned

 subjects through lectures, practical demonstration and interaction through group discussions. Most of the workshops last for 2-3

 days and Nisarga Sahavas make all necessary arrangements of stay and food of the participants. Students of Botany, Agriculture

 and Horticulture find Nisarg Sahavas an ideal place for exploration and excursion.



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