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ORCHARD….the Resort in Bordi

At just a two-minute walk from Gholwad railway station, 'Orchard the Resort' Bordi is a must see for the curious traveler. Located

 in the quiet but picturesque village of Bordi near the Bordi Beach, 'Orchard the Resort' Bordi takes its name from the chickoo

 orchard that it is surrounded by. The guest rooms in the main building offer the awe-inspiring view of landscaped gardens flush

 with flowers in almost every color of the rainbow. Let's not forget the view of the fruit-bearing, fragrant chickoo trees that can

 relax even the most stressed guest. A special mention of our honeymoon cottages that are furnished in all the comforts of home…

 But come with unique ‘open’ feel bathrooms that are surrounded by nature and offer complete privacy are truly what make these

 cottages special for all honeymoon couples.The rooms at 'Orchard the Resort' Bordi are either air-conditioned or non air-

conditioned, and come with amenities like color TVs, self-contained western toilets with hot/cold water facilities, telephones, and

 other room services. There is never a dull moment at 'Orchard the Resort' Bordi. Children are entertained by the playground that

 allows them to play without inhibitions. The resort also has a small variety of birds like geese, ducks, turkeys, and Australian

 Emus.And, if you want to get away from the heat and take a dip in the cool blue, the swimming pools at ‘Orchard the Resort’ Bordi

 are just the thing for you. Whether it’s the kiddie pool for your tiny tots, or the big pool for the swimming enthusiast, our pools are

 inviting and invigorating to say the least.'Orchard the Resort' Bordi is the perfect spot for any kind of traveler, be it the

 family traveler, the corporate-on-a-weekend-getaway traveler, or teens on a day away from college. 



The 'Crazy Crab' Restaurant is as serious about its food as it is funny with its name. The resort boasts of a well-stocked bar to

 quench the needs of any thirsty tippler. Surrounded by the verdant chickoo trees, the ambience of the restaurant is perfect for a

 quick bite, an after-dinner drink, or a leisurely meal. Crazy Crab Restaurant offers its customers the option to choose from

 chinese, mughlai, tandoori and seafood dishes. Have a wedding, party or gathering in mind? Orchard the Resort, Bordi is

 the perfect setting for any occasion. Spacious (with a capacity for 500 guests), fragrant and beneath a starry sky, any party or

 occassion automatically becomes a magical one at 'Orchard the resort' Bordi. We, at Orchard the Resort, Bordi believe the

 customer is king. It's not just another adage for us. We treat each guest like royalty and pamper their every need and fulfill it to the

 best of our ability.