Parag Farms

Address-: PARAG FARMS,Adhar Phata,Barvi Dam Road,Mulgaon, Badlapur,Thane

Parag Farms

 Parag Farms is one of the resort that is blessed by nature.Parag farms is a new resort in badlapur.It is a

 spacious resort.It is only 8 k.m away from badlapur. It is a spacious resort in 10 acres


A drive to Parag resort is a pleasure drive which is close to nature.It is situated nearly to the heart of Badlapur

 city.There is always some reason at Parag to celebrate with Family, Friends or Colleagues and its time to enjoy and spend an whole day.

Our Mission

Parag Farms mission is to give best service to our guests.To develop Parag Farms to such a extend such that it

 would became a place to live in.We want to be close with nature and respect in all ways.

Our Objective

"TO BE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY" is one of the main objective of the ParagFarms.Parag Farms treat guest as their family members.

Indoor Games



A well-equipped, well-maintained carrom game has been made available for Parag Farms guests.


Parag Farms provides challenging game which helps Parag Farms guests to sharp their brains.

Mix games

Parag Farms provides a game which tests your talent and give you relaxation. and many more..

Parag Farms provides many more indoor games for their guests.

Outdoor Games


Box Cricket

Parag Farms made a small ground for guest so they can enjoy with their family and friends.



Parag Farms provides this games so that our guest will stay fit and active.



Parag Farms provides a sufficient space for volleyball game which keep you active.and many more..

Parag Farms provides many more outdoor games for guests.