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It is situated at Amba, on the tip of western Ghat on the highway from Kolhapur toRatnagiri, near a little dense forest and a few

 lakes.By car it takes about 4 hrs from Puneor Goa, and about 7 hrs from Mumbai.By train, you can get down at Karad,

 Kolhapur,Sangameshwar or Ratnagiri and we will arrange a pick-up and drop-back vehicle for you.Takes about 1.5 hrs from any

 of these places to the Resort.




The main point to note is this is a 'Group' Resort, i.e., you have to come in groups largerthan 6 members minimum, and 140

 maximum. Most of our visitors come in groups of12-16 persons.The resort has 3 bedded, 4 bedded and 6 bedded rooms,

 totalling up to 140beds in 35 rooms. Each has attached toilet and bath, with 24 hours solar heater watersupply.But because of the

 'only groups' policy, one room per family is not guaranteed.Rooms with total beds numbering equal to or more than your group

 strength are allottedexclusively to your group; internal roomwise allocation is left to you.Each room hasindividual veranda, plus

 large sitout for each cluster of rooms; where your whole groupcan assemble comfortably.


There are children play areas and games rooms equipped with T.T. table, cricket set,carrom boards, badminton sets etc.




The food here is tasty Maharashtrian style, and portions are unlimited. Apart fromMaharshtrian Basundi-Puri, you can also enjoy

 the famous Kolhapuri ‘Mutton, Pandhraand Tambda Rassa’ combination or the ‘Zunka-Bhakar-Baingan Bharta-Mirchi

 Thecha’variety. Any one meal – normally the evening one – is nonveg - for those who want it.There is no a-la-carte menu system

 but a fixed menu for all the residents of the Resort forthat day.Our package consists of morning bed tea/coffee, breakfast with

 tea/coffee, lunch,evening tea/coffee, dinner and stay for a day. Anybody observing religious fast( Upavaasa ) can be given special

 menu if informed earlier.The water is sweet, ultra-soft, and clean.


Check-in check-out times are 11-11 a.m. or 5-5 p.m..